Challenges of Link Building: Why Is It a Hard Process?

Challenges of Link Building Why Is It a Hard Process (1)

Challenges of Link Building: Why Is It a Hard Process?

There are a lot of processes that we find of great difficulty in our lives. For example, I can’t seem to flip the channel if I see Wolfgang Petersen’s Troy on TV. Just kidding, I only love the little combination of perfect casting between Brad Pitt and Eric Bana. Enough fangirling? Anyhow, moving on to the challenges of link building. Let me first explain briefly what that is and why a lot of people find it a hard process when it comes to implementing it in their link-building strategies. The reason why I chose this topic to write about is because link-building is of the essence when it comes to the creation of your digital marketing strategy. That is why, in this guide, we’ll dive in together and learn all about the full process of link-building.

What is Link-Building: A Quick Overview?

Simply put, link-building is the process of involving and acquiring other backlinks from trusted websites with a good reputation for clean links to your own. Why are we using link-building? Well, it is one of the biggest factors that will help you through your SEO optimization strategies, and if you don’t know how important that is, keep reading to learn more.

With link-building, you must be careful with the whole process of exchanging links. It isn’t about the number of links that you acquire. Your links have to be authentic and trusted in order to avoid falling into the pitfall of toxic links. You can implement the following by reaching out to websites and contacting them regarding their links: You can also use tools such as Semrush to see the website’s domain authority and ranking in order to see if Google views this website as trustworthy or not.

Benefits of an Effective Link-Building Strategy

Link-Building Strategy

The main advantage that you could get from an effective link-building strategy is that you will be able to boost your organic traffic rates. What does that mean, though? Organic traffic is the number of visitors that visit your website that you don’t pay for. Simply put, some websites pay for people to simply checkout their websites or pay for Google to sponsor them through advertisements. In order to increase your organic search traffic, you need to have high rankings on Google, Bing, and any other search engine.

Another advantage that you can gain from link-building is an increase in your conversion rates. With an increased conversion rate, you will build a following that will help you gain organic search rankings. If one gets all of these benefits from an effective link-building strategy, why aren’t all businesses using it? Here’s the catch that not everyone figures out at first. Link-building has its own set of challenges that you should be aware of in order to steer away from any problems and avoid any Google penalties. Let’s uncover the challenges presented by link-building together in the paragraphs below.

What Makes Link-Building Such a Hard Process To Go Through?

Mastering link-building is something that could be a bit challenging. This is one process that requires a mixture or a blend, whichever you prefer, of people that have the right skills and tech expertise that link-building needs. The needs are not a major problem; you need people who first and foremost understand link-building efficiently.

Second, you will need them to be creative, innovative, and preservative. With the right team, you will be able to leverage link-building to your advantage and increase your website’s visibility, authority, and ranking. However, knowing the challenges that may face you when creating your strategy will give you the upper hand in knowing how you will deal with obstacles if you ever tangle with one.

The Hardships of Manual Outreach

In this fast-paced technological era that we’re living in, we’re experiencing a huge technological evolution. However, there are still some operations and tasks that require human intervention and can’t be automated. There is a lot that you can automate, including scheduling posts, alerts, and data-related tasks. When it comes to link building or acquiring links, the procedure cannot be streamlined quickly or simply. It requires a great deal of work!

You will find that some websites naturally link to your content, but only if your content is of value to them or has a sense of relevance. However, you will require active outreach for most links. In order for you to build links to high-quality websites, you will need to do extensive market research in order to be able to identify trustworthy websites that you can build links to and create an outreach approach for these websites. That is, in order to show them your intention of wanting to work with them and use their websites to link to yours.

Link-Building is All About Valuable Resources and Time!

Resources and Time

Yes, this is me telling you to hire a specialist for this. This is one strategy that needs a specialist with nothing on their hands to distract them from their duties. This is one task that needs someone to invest a lot of their time and dedicate themselves to it in order to have a positive outcome that will help create an effective link-building strategy. When it comes to resources, let me tell you why you need someone specific to get this done:

Resources That You Need For Your Link-Building Strategy  to Be Successful

  • Content creation is of the essence, people: Even if you’re dedicating someone to create a seamless link-building tactic and marketing approach, their manual efforts will fail miserably if your content is not relevant to the audience you’re targeting or if it is of low quality. The power of your content is the beating heart of an effective strategy for your link-building process. Free tips? Create high-quality, shareable, and relevant content for your audience.
  • Researching and Planning: This is something that should at least take half the time that your specialist will dedicate to an effective strategy. With link-building, researching and planning is something that they will do a lot! They must identify websites or domains with high authority and a good ranking and create a contact approach for these websites. Following up is something that will be needed as well. Your specialist will need to follow up with website owners and/or bloggers that they reach to know what their verdict is.
  • Competitor analysis and staying up-to-date: With link-building, there are new techniques that are evolving every day. That is why your specialists need to update themselves with everything that is new in the market. That is because they will find themselves competing fiercely on high-quality links with other companies and websites. Want another free tip? Monitor search engines, conduct a monthly competitor analysis in order to know who’s new to the market, and update your business with the latest software tools to leverage their benefits to your advantage.

Relationship Maintenance Is Something That Will Create Your Campaign’s Success

Let’s be honest here: maintaining a relationship in life itself helps you succeed. I know I’m being a wise lady now, but bear with me. In life, maintaining a relationship doesn’t exactly define your success. Unfortunately, we aren’t so lucky with link-building. Maintaining your relationships with people that you want to exchange links with or build links with is the key to your success. It either helps you win your campaign or lose it. That simple and that harsh. That is why, for some people, it is very hard to create an effective link-building strategy that is successful.

Building and fostering connections with websites and bloggers will allow you to effectively market your content and have it spread out. It is also one of the means that will help you promote your business, brand name, or image. For this key factor to succeed, your specialists will need to be authoritative, authentic, friendly, and professional at the same time. Furthermore, they will need to create or write persuasive content, conduct research to be of great knowledge in a conversation, and follow up with the people they reach out to continuously.

Rejection is Not an Offense With Link-Building

When rejection is on the table, some people get easily offended. The thing is, with link-building, you’ll need to play the role of a sponge. Take in all the negativity and rejections that you have to take, and at the end of the day, squeeze it all out and start again. This is good advice that works, I promise. Standing out from the crowd in this field is like looking for a needle in a haystack.

That is, because the number of emails that reputable bloggers and websites receive for link-building could be enormous. Furthermore, owners of websites may be cautious about contact requests from unidentified sources due to the frequency of spam emails and link schemes. Regretfully, there are instances when emails remain unseen, unread, or even land in the spam bin.

Shall we play the worst-case scenario? Some website owners will receive your email, read it, and then reject your deal or request to build links with them. I promise you that this won’t be the end of the world as we know it. That is because they simply could not like the idea very much and have no links to offer you, or may already have fostered a relationship with one of your competitors.

Final Thoughts!

Now that you know most of the challenges of creating a link-building strategy, it is time that you make sure that you link your website with ones that are reputable and have clean and non-toxic links. It is mandatory to create the right strategy for your campaign in order to succeed.

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