Link Insertion

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What is Link Insertion?

Link insertion service is a link-building strategy in which you pay for the placement of a backlink referring to your website on another website. Ideally, the link should point to a significant page on your website.

You can leverage this advantage by asking the website’s owner to include a link that gives the reader more information and value.

83% of marketers say link building has delivered positive results for their business.

Why Choose us?

LinkExchange is an all-in-one platform that will take your SEO to the next level.

Link insertion makes sure that you promote links that matter. The more links that you insert in a high domain authority website, the more traffic you receive, and consequently, the more revenue you generate.

Detailed Metrics

Check the domain authority, organic traffic, and rating of the domain.

100% Organic Links

Links inserted are 100% guaranteed genuine organic links.

Thorough Verification

We verify each link to ensure that the link was placed correctly.

Zero Toxic Links

Our link exchange services have zero toxic links.

What We Offer

Link insertion is a well-known SEO tactic where you insert a link to your page in the other party's website. LinkExchange offers you a collection of top quality websites in different categories with high DA to choose from.

High Relevancy

Insert backlinks with other domains that are relevant to yours.

Correct Placement

We ensure requested links point to the desired website.

Correct Anchor Text

We make sure that the link is placed under the desired anchor text.

Secured Links

We ensure that all exchanged links are secured and safe for parties.