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What is Author Posting?

What is Write for Us Guest Post Service? Ever heard of guest posting? Step that up a notch. Introducing Author Posting. You provide the title of the article and the keyword, and it will be written and published for you!

With our author posting services, you can now simply pay for high-quality content. And other companies will take the lead from there.

62.96% of readers think that blogs with multiple authors are more credible.

Why Choose us?

LinkExchange is an all-in-one platform that will take your SEO to the next level.

Introducing our all-new Write for Us Guest Post service. Sit back. Relax, and have the content written for you. Author posting allows you to pay other parties to write a blog post for you. Include your backlinks in the post in exchange for a fee.

Boost Your DA

Boost your domain authority with little to no effort!

Easily Publish

Publish your content in a hassle-free manner, without any efforts.

Build Relationships

Build strong business relationships with different websites from various industries.

Buy Your Quality Time

We offer you the opportunity to buy your own time, and have blog posts written for you.

What We Offer

Our author posting services will help you raise your exposure rate to new potential customers through credible content, and well written content, without you doing any of the work.

Guaranteed Delivery

We monitor your deal until it is completed on both sides.

Thorough Verification

We verify each link to ensure that the work was done right.

Advanced Search Engine

Identifying potential opportunities through our search engine.

Secured Links

We ensure that all exchanged links are secured and safe for all parties.