This section shows details of each order placed:

1.) Order ID: Each order has it’s own ID number.

2.) Date: Your order’s submission date.

3.) Type: There are two types:

  • Trade: When you exchange a link with others.
  • Sell: When you buy an item.

4.) Service: This is the type of service you are choosing (Link insertion, Guest post, etc..)

5.) Domain: The domain you are exchanging or buying links from.

6.) Amount: The price of the item.

7.) Status: The status of your order (Pending acceptance, active, created, resolved, completed, canceled, rejected)

8.) Delivery status: The details of delivering your order (service in progress, service accepted, submitted for review)

9.) View details: This is where you view your order.

In the status section:

  • Pending acceptance: waiting for the client to accept the order.
  • Created: In order for the client to receive the order, you must click submit.
  • Resolved: The order is resolved from both sides.
  • Active: The order was accepted and is now active and in progress.
  • Completed: The order was accepted, completed and now closed.
  • Canceled: The order is canceled.
  • Rejected: The client rejected the order; you need to double-check with this client to find out why.

In the Delivery Status section:

  • Service in progress: Your order is still pending either from your side or the client’s side.
  • Service accepted: Your order is now complete and closed.
  • Submitted for review: Your order is now complete from your side and we are waiting for the client’s review and acceptance.


The Orders section is  divided into four categories:

  • All orders: Shows all orders you’ve submitted.
  • Incoming: Shows orders that you have received from clients.
  • Outgoing: Shows orders you submitted to clients.
  • Action required: Shows orders that need action from you (order review, order submission, order cancellation or rejection)