What is Page Authority and How to Choose the Best PA Checker

What is Page Authority and How to Choose the Best PA Checker

Exploring the Best PA Checkers on the Market

In the SEO world, there are many factors that you should keep a close eye on. Any fluctuations in these factors would majorly impact your SEO efforts, either positively or negatively. One of these factors is SEO metrics. These metrics aren’t just numbers or percentages; they are important indicators that can tell a lot about the effectiveness of SEO strategies and how websites are doing. One of the notable SEO metrics that we should pay good attention to is page authority. But what exactly is page authority? That is what we are going to find out in this article. This guide will shed light on page authority and its significant impact. We will also explore the best page authority checkers that could make the optimization process much better. Let’s start!

What is Page Authority (PA)?

So, what is page authority? We have already stated that it is one of the most important SEO metrics that all SEO experts and webmasters pay close attention to. Just like domain authority and spam score, page authority is developed by Moz. Moz is a very renowned and prominent company in the SEO field that has been empowering millions of SEO experts and website owners. And page authority was one of the metrics that Moz created to accomplish its main aim. Page authority is an SEO metric that indicates the chances or likelihood of a page ranking in SERPs. What this metric exactly does is analyze the value or power of a webpage and give it a score based on that.

Page authority is not only determined based on the value; there are many factors that help calculate the final score of the page. These factors include the quality of backlinks.

How is It Calculated?

This metric is based on a scoring system that starts with zero and ends with 100. Zero, being the lowest score, indicates that there is no chance of this webpage ranking on SERPs. This can be due to low-quality backlinks, invaluable content, and many more reasons. 100, being the highest score, indicates the great likelihood or even 100% possibility that this webpage is going to rank on SERPs. And of course, webpages that get this score are greatly optimized in terms of all factors.

Factors That Highly Affect Page Authority

Now that we are done with exploring how the scoring system of page authority works, let us dive deep into the factors that impact this score. Like, why does a web page have a score of 60 and another have a score of 30, while both are in the same industry and writing in the same scope? Well, it is all in the impacting factors that are also ways through which you could optimize page authority; let us demonstrate a few.


The first factor that we have mentioned a couple of times previously is backlinks. Of course, it is a well-known fact that backlinks are SEO’s greatest instrument and one of Google’s ranking factors. It affects the majority, or even all, of the metrics and SEO efforts. Possessing good and high-quality backlinks can be a great indicator for web crawlers. It places your website as a trustworthy and credible website that has useful content that other credible ones refer to. With this being said, the chances of your web page appearing on search engine result pages increase, therefore increasing PA. What you could do to optimize SEO through backlinks is to seek link-building opportunities in your industry. Make sure to choose credible and trusted websites to ensure fruitful outcomes. You could do this through email outreach or trusted link-building platforms like LinkExchange.AI

Content Value and Quality

The second factor that we have also referred to is content quality. Content quality is always a great way for a website to establish a great image. Not only does it lure web crawlers into indicating that your webpage is valuable and useful, but it also draws in organic visitors who have a high possibility of turning into actual sales. By focusing on content value and quality, you will guarantee many things, including elevated page authority. The best you can do to produce high-quality content is to research the market well and do thorough keyword research. You could then use these keywords to craft great content that would have a higher chance of ranking.

Website Performance

Website Performance

Another factor that could greatly affect page authority is website performance. Website performance is the overall usability of a website, such as loading speed, responsiveness, and so on. These can also be known as technical SEO. Loading speed, for instance, is one of many important website performance factors that the Google Search Engine highly takes into consideration. And that is why it directly affects page authority. By optimizing website performance, you could mark your website as worthy and valuable to web crawlers. You can do so through many practices, like caching, file compression, and more.

On-Page SEO

Lastly, there is on-page SEO, which is already an integral part of any SEO strategy. On-page SEO revolves around all the elements on the website that visitors get to see and interact with. This includes images, headlines, descriptions, alt texts, and many more. As much as these wouldn’t appear to be necessary for many users, they matter for search engines. Search engines place a major weight on on-page SEO, and that is why it significantly affects SEO efforts and page authority. What you could do in this case is optimize the quality of images and enhance them with alt texts, as well as optimize meta descriptions.

Benefits of Optimizing Page Authority

Increased Website Credibility and Trustworthiness

A greater page authority does double duty: it boosts your rankings and makes your website seem more trustworthy and credible to users. Your website’s credibility and authority in your business or specialty are enhanced when visitors notice that your pages are ranking highly in search results. As a result of this favorable impression, trust, brand awareness, and conversion rates can all rise.

Strengthened Backlink Profile

A great way to increase page authority is to get high-quality backlinks from other reputable and relevant websites. The more time and effort you put into improving PA, the more credible sites in your industry or area will link to you. Page authority, website SEO, and domain authority are all positively impacted by a well-developed network of link exchanges and a powerful backlink profile.

Improved User Experience

Improved User Experience

One common strategy for improving a page’s authority is to tailor the content you produce to the specific interests and requirements of your intended audience. You may improve the user experience as a whole by working to increase your page’s authority. This involves doing things like making sure your content is accessible and interesting, answering user questions, and giving useful information. Increased user satisfaction, decreased bounce rates, and more time spent on site are all results of an optimized user experience.

Targeted Audience Engagement

Audience Engagement

Pages with greater authority tend to draw in visitors who are more invested in what you represent and provide in terms of content, products, and services. Page authority optimization allows you to better cater your content to your target audience’s demands and preferences. By narrowing your focus, you can improve engagement metrics like time on page, bounce rate, and interactions with the website.

Top Page Authority (PA) Checkers That You Should Consider

Lastly, you have had a glimpse of how significant page authority is, how it is calculated, and the factors that affect it. So, what now? Now is the time to check your website’s page authority!

PA checkers are the ultimate tools that could help you find out more about your page authority score. And luckily, there are many on the market you could use, so how about we explore a few?

The first page authority checker is SEMrush. SEMrush is a well-known SEO platform that has a plethora of different tools necessary for optimizing SEO. One of the valuable tools that SEMrush has is the site audit tool, through which a webmaster can get detailed insights about page authority, backlinks, and so on.

Of course, you can’t create and establish something without being the leader. Moz has a variety of SEO tools, including domain and page authority checkers. Moz provides website owners with everything they might need to learn more about their SEO efforts and optimize them for more fruitful outcomes.

Lastly, there is Ahrefs. When it comes to SEO tools, Ahrefs is one of the best. It has a huge number of tools that are meant to help users with their SEO. One of the best things about the Site Explorer tool is that it can give you detailed information about the page and domain authority. Ahrefs also has powerful backlink analysis tools that let users dig deep into link profiles. This helps them find valued link-building opportunities and keep track of how well their link-building efforts are doing.

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